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1st SC Vol. Inf. Co. H ANV
10th South Carolina AOT

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2011 Event Schedule

Schedule for the 1st South Carolina Volunteer Infantry and Pee Dee Artillery- 2011



April Spring Drill – TBD/TBA


May 14-15 – Nashua IA


May 14-15 –Carthage, MO


June 10,11,12 – Carson IA. Max Effort!!! They supported Adams. We should support them in kind!!!!!! One is treated very well there.


June 17,18,19 – Boonville MO.


June 23,24,25,26 – Wasioja MN.  Max Effort!!!!!. They are hoping for 700 to 1000 infantry, 40 to 50 artillery and 45 to 65 cavalry


July 16-17 – Cole Camp, MO


July 9-10 – Cedar Rapids, IA.


July  – 16th- 17th -   Racine Mn. Max Effort


July 20-24 – Manassas Virginia – 150th



August 5,6,7 – Boscobel Wi. Max Effort!!!


August 12,13,14 – Wilson’s Creek MO. Max Effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not have a National any closer than this. We need everyone!!!!!!!!!! Right now we are looking at falling in with the 3rd MO.


Sept. 8,9,10 – Mason City IA.


September 16-18 – Lexington, MO !!!


Oct. 1-2 – Stockton Il.


Oct. 8-9 – Norskadalen Wi. Max Effort!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Other events will be added as I learn about them.




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